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The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification also brings about a mentality and attitude transformation within the organization, ensuring that neither time nor resources are wasted by substituting a set of techniques and tools for conventional ways.

About Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course certified the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) paradigm and the necessary grasp of various problem-solving techniques. A person who has completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is also qualified to help or operate under the direction of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt specialist.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course - Online

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to increase the effectiveness of every process in the current context of heightened competition. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that supports organizations in this process. Lean Six Sigma green belt holders study an improvement technique and employ a data-driven strategy to assist or spearhead organizational improvement activities.

Overview of SterlingNext's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training Program

The first level of formal training offered under the Lean Six Sigma technique is known as the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (CLSSGB). Under the direction of a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt practitioner, it offers a full grasp of process improvement projects. In-depth instruction on the knowledge demonstration of Lean Six Sigma tools is provided in the six sigma green belt certification course, which will help staff members plan their daily work and increase productivity.

Individuals can work on small-scale Six Sigma projects with the credibility provided by the green belt certification in Six Sigma, which offers them the chance to realize their potential as dynamic change leaders. Simply put, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification empowers a person to improve quality parameters by analyzing issues, developing solutions, and ensuring that those solutions are long-lasting to build high-performance organizations.

Key Features of SterlingNext's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Course

The following list includes the main outputs of our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Program:

  • Learn from certified Master Black Belts (MBBs) with industry experience and in-depth project knowledge.
  • Green belt training kit for certified Lean Six Sigma, including pre-study materials.
  • Case studies and sample test questions.
  • Comprehensive project support.
  • Software training for MINITAB®.
  • 2 simulation initiatives (projects).
  • Internationally renowned Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Curriculum for the Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Six Sigma Lean the Lean Six Sigma hierarchy includes Green Belt and Black Belt designations. Professionals with a Green Belt are competent and skilled in finishing assignments (GB projects normally relate to processing improvements within a function or department). Black Belt experts can solve more complicated issues, which typically require cross-functional teams.

The program's key highlights include the following:

  • Full comprehension of the D-M-A-I-C technique.
  • Team Exercises on the tools and methods for each phase should be broken out.
  • Using the trial version of the MINITAB program for training.
  • Sharing of experiences with dos and don'ts that teach about what works and what doesn't.
  • Presentations on typical organizational circumstances where Lean Six Sigma can result in observable breakthrough advantages in 3-6 months.
  • Offers top-notch cross-industry learning opportunities and covers tools for all industries for various roles and procedures.

Green Belt Exam & Certification for Lean Six Sigma

Candidates must pass an online examination measuring their understanding of the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge based on multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The test has 50 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and is 75 minutes long.

Every candidate with a 70% or higher score receives a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate.

Does the course fee also cover the cost of the examination?

For all nations other than India, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa, the exam fee is included.

How much is the Green Belt Certification exam for Lean Six Sigma?

It costs $295 to take the IASSC Certified Green Belt Exam.

Is there an accreditation organization to which this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course is aligned?

The IASSC has approved the course, which aligns with its Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge. The International Association for Six Sigma Certification is called IASSC (

How do I fill out the online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt application?

Follow these steps to sit for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam:

When will I get my Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

1-2 days after you finish the exam, the results will be sent to you through email. The International Association for Six Sigma Certification will certify candidates who pass the IASSC certification examination.

How many attempts do I have to pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam?

You are not permitted to take the IASSC tests more than three times in three months or once every two weeks. Each IASSC exam voucher is only intended for single usage. If you don't pass the test the first time, you'll need to purchase another exam voucher. The cost for a re-examination is $100.

How do I schedule/book my exam?

Visit official website of IASSC, for more information.

Do you provide any practice tests as part of this course?

To help students understand where they stand in the course and identify areas they need to improve for the certification, we conduct practice or mock tests as part of this course.

How do I become a Six Sigma Expert?

To become a Lean Six Sigma specialist, one must successfully finish every course in the learning journey. This includes passing the certification tests for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt. The required passing score for these tests is 70%, and candidates must have attended every training session. People should participate in the training program and work on Lean Six Sigma projects whenever possible.

Assistance is always available via phone, email, and chat. SterlingNext community forum also has a specialized crew that offers help when people need it. Additionally, you will still enjoy lifetime access to the community forum even after finishing a course with us.

Yes. For several of our training programs, we do provide a money-back guarantee. Visit our Help and Support page to make refund requests after consulting SterlingNext's Refund Policy.

Yes, if necessary, you may cancel your enrollment. We will deduct an administrative fee from the course cost before refunding it. To know more, please refer to our Refund Policy.

SterlingNext's certification training is developed to ensure you ace the tests on your first try. The training provides you with the confidence to pass the exam and aids in your retention of the information after the exam thanks to its hands-on learning style and Global Learning Framework.

Each lesson is recorded so you can watch it whenever you like before the next meeting.

People in Six Sigma are employed by most industries, including the automotive, IT, manufacturing, food processing, automotive, healthcare, ITES, and supply chain. Regardless of where you work, you may advance your quality management career with SterlingNext's Six Sigma certification. If you want to learn more, enroll in our Six Sigma course.

Candidates who earn SterlingNext's Six Sigma certification will have a better professional view. You need to be interested in the types of companies that are hiring Six Sigma experts. The following is a list of the best Six Sigma recruiters in India and abroad:

  • TCS
  • McKesson Group
  • Genpact
  • IBM
  • HCL
  • EMC Corporation
  • Honeywell and other

With the help of SterlingNext's Six Sigma training and certification, you will be in a better position to drive, support, and lead strategic projects at the local level that will aid in the redesign of entire enterprises. You could supplement our training with the reading of the following outstanding books.

  • Lean Six Sigma and Minitab Pocket Handbook by Quentin Brook
  • Six Sigma: An Important Beginner's Guide to Six Sigma by Eric Scott

Six sigma levels are becoming more well-known across numerous industries. Therefore, having our Six Sigma accreditation gives you a competitive advantage in the market. Depending on the region, industry, level of expertise, and certifications, six sigma professionals earn different incomes worldwide. Six sigma specialists make, on average, the following worldwide:

  • $107,500 in the US (as per
  • 949,000 in India (as per
  • $126,055 in Canada (as per Glassdoor)
  • £42k in Uk (as per

SterlingNext's training program is fully refundable, up to 100%. We are confident in the potential of our highly effective blended learning system to give students the skills and assurance they need to ace the IASSC-LSSGB exam on their very first try. We'll give you your course fee back if you don't pass the IASSC-LSSGB exam on your first try.

Consider enrolling in a postgraduate program in Lean Six Sigma to advance your career and become an authority in this domain.

Companies employ the Six Sigma methodology to improve the capabilities of their company processes. The improvement in earnings, employee morale, and the quality of the produced goods and services are all aided by the decrease in process variation and rise in efficiency. With our Six Sigma course, you can become an expert in process improvement and increase your credibility.

Six Sigma is not complex science and is not difficult for those without a background in quality. It calls for in-depth research, experience, and a strong strategy for training and testing. Anyone from any experience (including healthcare professionals) can learn Six Sigma concepts and use them to enhance their workplace. SterlingNext's six sigma training program aids in your employment success.

Six Sigma was the most well-liked and sought-after methodology in the current economic climate. Numerous global companies are scrambling to get Six Sigma specialists. The chance to add SterlingNext's Six Sigma certification to your resume shows how dedicated you are to developing your accuracy, analytical abilities, and business acumen.

Certificates for Six Sigma training are offered at levels that use a belt rating system akin to karate instruction.

  • Select a Six Sigma level to become certified.
  • Choose the Six Sigma program that best fits your needs.
  • Choose between receiving instruction in the field and a recognized certificate.

Six sigma certifications will provide you with tools and techniques for improving business processes and eliminating defects. After getting a certification, you will be able to enhance the quality of projects and also make them cost effective. Risks and errors are a part of every business project. Although you can’t fully eliminate them, six sigma will teach you how to restrict them to a bare minimum. Testing proficiency and specializing in core project areas is also a primary objective of six sigma certification.

Six sigma certifications are specialized courses. Therefore, to obtain the certifications you need to understand basic project management. Apart from that, there are different prerequisites for different levels of certifications. Most importantly, you need to go through the details of each level to get a better idea.

There are 5 levels in Six Sigma certification process. All the levels are divided into belts. Each belt has a specific color that denotes the level of difficulty. The distinction between the belts is done on the basis of skills. As each level imparts a specific skill, you need to progress gradually.

Here are the different Six Sigma certification levels and their various details. These certifications are offered by IASSC, the governing body.

Six Sigma White Belt Certification

The white belt is the first level of certification. It is the basic level that you need to clear before going further. All the concepts of six sigma along with basic terminologies are taught in this level. It also teaches you how to use your skills for solving everyday problems.

As a white belt holder, you can assist project teams and understand the details of project management. It will help you get the required knowledge for managing your future projects and also give you experience. You have plenty of options after obtaining a white belt. You can either do additional courses or attempt the next level examinations.

Who should get Six Sigma White Belt?

Individuals wishing to implement six sigma principles in their organization.

People who want to learn the basic concepts of project management.

People who want to learn about quality control and quality improvement.

Candidates wishing to get into Quality Control jobs.

Six Sigma White Belt Prerequisites:

There is no prerequisite for the Six Sigma white belt certification. However, you must have a basic understanding of how projects work. It will give you a clear direction to progress.

Learning Objectives of Six Sigma White Belt:

The Six Sigma white belt certification will help you define a project’s requirements. After understanding the requirements, you will be able to calculate the overall cost of the project. Basing on existing details of project management, you can predict the outcomes.

Further, you will gain first-hand knowledge about DMAIC processes and be able to minimize defects. Also, limiting errors and eliminating defects is the main objective of Six Sigma white belt. Apart from that, you will also learn how to minimize waste and improve customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

The Six Sigma yellow belt is the next level certification, after the white belt. At this level, you will learn how to apply the Six Sigma ideologies in business projects. It will make you familiar with the concepts of Six Sigma and help you use them in real life. Get details about the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Six Sigma green belt is for individuals who want to focus on DMAIC projects and learn its basics. Above all, DMAIC tools are extremely essential for any business project. So, if you learn the basics of DMAIC, you will be able to help your organization.

Six Sigma Green belt holders are an integral part of business projects. For instance, they have to ensure that the project is going in the right track. Improving projects by making key changes in the project plan is an important role of Six Sigma green belt certification holders.


Who should get a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

People who want to improve their quality management skills.

Individuals interested in data inspection.

Individuals wishing to learn more about project management.

People who want to apply the DMAIC tools in the business project.


Six Sigma Green Belt Prerequisites:

As the Six Sigma green belt is a specialized certificate, you need to have at least three or four years of experience. In addition, you need to complete several full-time projects to gain experience.


Learning Objectives of the Six Sigma Green Belt Course:

Six Sigma green belt will help you analyze business scenarios and use your leadership skills to solve problems. However, you need to have a keen interest in quality improvement and management. After obtaining green belt certification you will be able to effectively apply DMAIC tools to business projects.

As a Six Sigma green belt certified professional, you can help your organization in process improvement. Also, it will give you the necessary experience for applying Six Sigma theory in real life. Above all, you will be a key member of the project building team.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma black belt is an advanced level and is different from the previous ones. The roles of a Six Sigma black belt professional are very different from the rest. It is a position of leadership and excellence. Get details about Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Master Black Belt is the ultimate level of Six Sigma certification. It will equip you with all the necessary skills required to manage projects. You will be able to ensure that the project is meeting all the objectives and goals. Get details about Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, installing Minitab is not necessary before starting the Green Belt course.

Yes. We offer a toolkit containing various Excel sheets and Lean Six Sigma-related tools along with the course materials.

Yes. Online Minitab training is something we offer as a separate package.

No project is necessary to finish this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program.

You will be given a certificate of completion once you have finished the LSSGB course from Sterlingnext. You can become IASSC certified by taking the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt test and earning at least 580 out of a possible 750 points.

Yes, we do assist you in locating the closest exam venue.

  • Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma (Duration: 3 hours, i.e., 180 minutes)
  • 100 questions with multiple choices (Closed Book)
  • Mark of Passing: 385 out of 500

A Lean Six Sigma certified trainer with more than 10 years of professional expertise teaches all the classes to live online. You can engage in conversations and ask questions throughout the interactive sessions of the Six Sigma online course. However, for your future reference, we record each session you attend. A global audience attends classes to enhance your educational experience.

You'll want the following materials for six sigma green belt training:

  • Windows has to be version XP SP3 or later.
  • OSX 10.6 or later for Mac
  • Internet speed: 512 Kbps or more is ideal.
  • Speakers, a microphone, and a headset - You'll need a microphone and headphones or speakers to hear instructions properly and communicate with others. A headset with a built-in microphone is an option, as are speakers and a separate microphone.

Use the form on the right side of any page of our website to get in touch with us, or click the Live Chat button. You can get further information from our customer care agents.

Each of SterlingNext's highly skilled instructors has at least 10 to 12 years of relevant teaching experience and is an expert in their field. Before being approved to train for us, each of them underwent a thorough selection procedure that included profile screening, technical examination, and a training demo. Additionally, we make sure that only instructors with excellent alumni ratings continue to train for us.

SterlingNext's teaching assistants are a committed group of subject matter experts who are here to help you pass your certification exam on your first try. They actively engage students to ensure the course objectives are being met and support you in enhancing their learning, from project mentorship to job support and class onboarding. Throughout business hours, teaching assistance is available.

Six Sigma training programs can offer crucial employment opportunities in several professions in a wide range of businesses throughout the world. Given that more businesses are utilizing Lean Six Sigma's flexible approaches to improve performance, having a Green Belt certification is a useful asset in the job market today.

Businesses of all sizes increasingly hire Six Sigma experts as permanent employees or consultants. After earning SterlingNext's Six Sigma Certification, there are several lucrative occupations to consider. The requirements of the company determine the Six Sigma job titles. The following positions provide some instances:

  • Director of Operational Excellence
  • Business Process Manager
  • Six Sigma Analyst
  • Six Sigma Consultant
  • Lead Analyst/Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Functional Project Lead

Six Sigma Projects Manager

Roles and responsibilities are included in the Six Sigma principles. The Six Sigma expert uses qualitative and quantitative technologies or approaches to optimize processes. Take the online six sigma certification training or the six sigma green belt course to learn more.

In a highly competitive economy, advanced-level certifications continue to be more relevant, appealing, and well-paid. Six Sigma certification's suitability for professionals from various backgrounds and sectors is another benefit. Although certain abilities are required to operate in Six Sigma, they include making decisions, managing project teams, inspiring partners, completing tasks and objectives, managing corporate budgets and resources, working hard, and producing results.

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