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Why Partner with Sterlingnext?

Global Reach

Reach a worldwide audience with Sterlingnext's professional certifications and training programs, offering valuable resources to professionals across diverse industries and geographies.

High Commission Rates

Earn generous commissions by promoting Sterlingnext's in-demand courses, with competitive rates that reward your efforts and drive results.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from dedicated affiliate support to help you maximize your earnings, with personalized assistance, performance insights, and marketing resources tailored to your needs.

Reputable Brand

Partner with a reputable brand known for its quality training programs and industry recognition, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness as an affiliate marketer.

Boost Your Income with Sterlingnext's Lucrative Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program today and start earning lucrative commissions by promoting our globally recognized certifications and training courses. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your income while helping professionals advance their careers.

How Does Sterlingnext Affiliate Program Work?

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Register for free as a Sterlingnext affiliate to gain access to our comprehensive suite of marketing materials and tracking tools.


Choose from a wide range of banners, links, and promotional assets to share across your channels, including websites, blogs, social media, and email campaigns.

Track Performance

Monitor your affiliate performance in real-time using our intuitive dashboard, with detailed insights into clicks, conversions, and earnings.

Earn Commissions

Earn competitive commissions for every successful referral that results in a course purchase, with timely payouts and transparent reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply fill out the form on our website and complete the affiliate registration to get started. It's quick, easy, and free to join!

No, our affiliate program is open to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, you can join us and start earning commissions.

Commission rates vary depending on the product and sales volume. We offer competitive rates and incentives to reward our top-performing affiliates.

You can track your referrals and earnings in real-time through our affiliate dashboard, which provides detailed reports and analytics to help you optimize your marketing efforts.

We offer timely payouts to our affiliates, with commission payments processed on a regular basis according to our payment schedule.

Yes, you can promote our courses through various channels, including websites, blogs, social media platforms, email newsletters, and more.

Yes, we have a dedicated affiliate support team available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. You can reach out to us for personalized assistance and guidance.

10 Lessons

03 Hours

World-class training and development programs developed by top teachers

Whats Included

  • World-class training teacher
  • Bench has zero learning curve
  • We handle the rest.