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When evaluating an IT auditor's experience and skills in identifying vulnerabilities and imposing IT controls in an organizational setting, the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is the gold standard.  

About CISA® - Certified Information System Auditor

Earning your CISA certification is necessary to advance your IT profession. Professionals at the beginning and middle stages of their careers can benefit from CISA by demonstrating their knowledge and asserting their capacity to use a risk-based approach to audit planning, execution, and reporting. In little time, your credibility will skyrocket in the eyes of internal stakeholders, government auditors, and customers.

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CISA Certification Training Course Overview

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential is widely recognized as the gold standard for IT security professionals worldwide. Individuals who have completed the CISA certification program have demonstrated their ability to do risk assessments, document compliance issues, and effectively implement IT security policies within their respective organizations

IT and business system managers who have demonstrated their ability to oversee the organization's IT and business system monitoring, management, and security are recognized by ISACA with this credential. It is offered after rigorous evaluation and consideration. The intended audience comprises audit managers, IT auditors, audit managers, security experts, and advisors. 

CISA certification is highly sought after in information technology auditing and security information management (SIM) and is widely recognized and valued by employers worldwide. Since most employers prefer and keep an eye out for IT auditors with a CISA certification , having one makes the holder more noticeable during the job application process.

Benefits of getting a CISA certification

CISA High demand

While the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) isn't required for every IT auditor, its importance is increasing as the IT industry expands and more people need to be able to assess and defend their information systems. The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential is widely recognized as a prerequisite for many IT auditing positions.
It's a requirement for several companies, in fact. Earning your CISA credential demonstrates to hiring managers and recruiters that you are committed to a career as an information systems auditor.

Keep up with the Rapidly Changing Business Landscape

IT auditing is the ideal career path for those who thrive on change and relish being on the cutting edge of innovation. Obtaining a CISA credential demonstrates to prospective employers that you have the skills necessary to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of information systems in today's businesses.

CISA High-paying

IT auditors are highly sought after due to their expertise and hence charge a greater remuneration than general auditors. The average income for an IT auditor in a management position was $171,500, with a median salary of $112,250.

The CISA certification shows prospective employers that you are dedicated to the field and have the skills necessary to do the job well, which could lead to a pay increase.

Growth opportunities - CISA

If you are career oriented and want growth, earning your CISA certification is necessary. The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential is a great stepping stone to the chief information officer (CIO) role if you're planning on making a career change in the business world.

Globally Recognized

Gaining the CISA credential demonstrates your proficiency as a professional on a global basis. If you desire to work in any company or industry anywhere in the globe, earning your CISA certification will open doors for you. The CISA certification demonstrates that you have the international perspective and skills employers need in today's increasingly interconnected economy.

Examining Competencies/Weighting the CISA Test

Exams for the CISA certification test candidates' knowledge of risk management, IT portfolio and resource management, business-IT alignment, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, IT policies, standards, processes, and procedures within the organization, the value of an IT control framework, and the management and monitoring of IT personnel, IT organizational structure, and controls.

Exam format

Anyone curious about IS auditing, control, and security can take the CISA test. It lasts for four hours and has a total of 150 multiple-choice questions. Exam pass requirements are set at a score of 450 or above (out of 800 points). It is available on demand, online, and at testing centers worldwide. There are several language options for the test.

Certified Information Systems Auditors course outline

Information Systems Auditing Process

Standards for auditing, informational control procedures, risk-based audit planning, and audit documentation are discussed here.

Governance and Management of IT

This section discusses information technology (IT) governance, organizational structures, the connections between those three topics, and company policy and business strategy.

Information System Acquisition, Development, and Implementation

This section discusses the methods auditors can use to guarantee that the acquisition, development, and deployment of their data systems are by the objectives and plans of the firm.

Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience

This section discusses the various methods that auditors can use to establish whether or not the operation and maintenance of a firm's information systems are beneficial for the overall structure and strategy of the company.

Protection of Information Assets

This section discusses the procedures that auditors can use to test and monitor the information security processes currently in place at an organization.

Who Should Take Part in this CISA Course?

IS/IT auditors, compliance managers, CCOs, CISOs, CROs, CPMs, and SCMs, can all benefit from the knowledge gained in the CISA program.

Key features of the CISA Training and Certification Program

  • Confirm your information security expertise.
  • It shows that you possess the skills and expertise to deal with the ever-changing demands of your firm.
  • Brings together your academic credentials, professional experience, and reputation for excellence in the workplace to make you an attractive candidate.
  • Boosts your chances of getting a job promotion above those of your colleagues.
  • Assists in meeting ISACA's stringent requirements for professional development and ethical behavior
  • It's a testament to your competence and willingness to take on any challenge in the field you've been tasked with.
  • An international standard for IS auditors to aspire to.
  • Verifies your skills in the field of information systems auditing, control, and security

A CISA credential confirms that the holder has the knowledge and experience to audit an organization's use of information technology. This certification could be helpful for those seeking careers as IT auditors, executives, advisors, or security specialists.

As the CISA certification program is delivered online, it is possible to enroll from anywhere.

As part of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policy, ISACA mandates that all CISA certificate holders renew their candidacy every three years. Candidates must document 20 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) activity per year and 120 hours overall over three years. Additionally, there is a $45 annual maintenance cost for ISACA members and an $85 price for those who are not.

ISACA members can take the CISA exam for $575, but non-members must pay $760.

These are some of the most well-known courses for preparing for the CISA exam:

  • Surgent CISA
  • CISA Boot Camp Certification
  • Certified Information Security
  • Software Master Subscription -12 months
  • Certified Internet Security Auditor (CISA)

For people with experience in Auditing or IT Security, the best time to prepare is four months; for those without such experience, six to eight months is more probable.

Each person is allowed four attempts per exam each calendar year.

You can apply for your CISA credential on the ISACA website once you've passed the CISA exam and acquired relevant work experience. A confirmation email and letter will be sent to your registered address when your application has been processed (which takes about two to three weeks). 

CISA-certified professionals can expect to earn an average salary of between $52,459 and $122,326 annually.

After you have signed up for the exam, you can prepare for it in any way you see fit. Some people may prepare on their own by either writing a study guide or following an ISACA-approved study guide. This is an option that is available to them.

You can also buy a membership to the ISACA library, which includes review questions, answers, and explanations. Both of these options are available to help individuals get ready for the certification exam offered by the ISACA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can reappear for the exam after thirty days. A candidate can retake the exam three times a year. 

You have to keep checking our website for discounts and offers. 

A CISA course can help you learn the syllabus and clear the exam. 

You can retake the exam after waiting 30 days from your previous attempt.

Yes, it is a great career option with a decent salary and opportunity for growth. 

The syllabus and exam content is not particularly hard. After all, it's a one-part test with only 150 questions. In comparison to other tests in the niche, it's lighter. However, it requires basic knowledge across a wide range of topics rather than specific knowledge within a narrower focus.

Yes, the exam is indeed a part of the course. 

You will benefit from both since this is an online, blended learning workshop.

You should have an IT systems and security background to take the CISA certificate examination.

You can learn from a live classroom or pre-recorded videos.

  • For ISACA Members, USD 575
  • Non-Members USD 760

You must attend group training classes at a predetermined time, while one-on-one classes will be flexible. 

The duration is approx 3-4 months for people already familiar with the basics and 6 months for beginners. 

Candidates with work experience in IT systems, security, and control can take the exam.

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